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A Place Called Perfect Story Time - Chapter 1

I've decided to read a chapter of A Place Called Perfect everyday while we're all on lockdown and upload it to my website. I will also be making short videos answering frequently asked questions about the Perfect world, how I came up with the idea, inspiration behind the stories and any other bits or pieces that float through my head at the particular moment the camera is rolling.

Hopefully this will play a small part in trying to elevate some isolation fever and I'm sure teachers will allow it into the "I read a book while on isolation" category once school resumes (I know you won't technically have read it but I promise to keep your secret!)

Also any questions you'd like answered yourself just send them on!



2 commentaires

24 mars 2020

Hi this is a great idea - my daughter's teacher is getting all of her class to follow your reading of this book so that they can work on it virtually. Thank you x


20 mars 2020

Thank you so much. Delighted kids that are huge fans here. The Murrays, Co Meath

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