• Helena Duggan

Exciting News, oh and hello Guernsey!

Hello all, thanks to everybody for stopping by to listen to Perfect. I really appreciate it and getting comments from all over World is great. It's strange to think that there are people in places I've never been reading my stories (there are quite a few places I've never been to and the list of places I'd like to visit is growing ever longer!)

Anyway, I've been working away on something new and I'll have some news on it soon so watch this space.

Also hello to all in Guernsey, who've been great supporters of the blog (I have actually been there too, I lived in a tent on Jersey Island for a whole Summer when I was younger and worked in De Gruchy's selling luggage. On a break I went to visit Guernsey and loved it!) Also a friend of my Dad's is the local Dr there so please tell Dr. O'Driscoll I said hello!

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