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my first newsletter.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Hello again...


I've just realised I have a newsletter feature on my website. I don't use my site very much, but I'd like to change that. So below is my first email newsletter. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please sign up for more. I'll alos be posting them opn the blog (just like this one ;)


So what will I write about? Well, maybe I'll just put down a random stream of consciousness and ramble for a while, or I'll use this to fill you in on my day and what I ate for breakfast, or maybe I'll use it to practice my free writing - though what comes out might not make very much sense. 


Today though, I've decided to use this platform to show you the cover of The Light Thieves Book 2 - Search for the Black Mirror. I think it's out in August/September this year. I just sent the final version, or at least I hope it's the final version, to my editor.


This book series is very close to my heart. I'm writing it for my daughters to envision the kind of world I would like them to grow up in - I believe if you seed your dreams, they will take on an energy of their own and grow. For anyone who has already read book 1, don't worry. The new world I've imagined doesn't come until the very last chapter of book 3! We fall a long way before we rise from the ashes. 


I love this story, and I genuinely think it's stronger than A Place Called Perfect. I hope you do too. I'll have some giveaways and some early review copies of Black Mirror in the coming weeks and I'll post about them here.


Five books in and I'm stepping closer to my dream of one day writing full-time. Maybe, saying that out loud, or at least online, is my seed. Maybe, this newsletter will be my therapy, and you, my unintentional therapist ;)


So I thank you for joining team Thieves, you're helping grow my dreams.


All the best,



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