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Why I'm writing The Light thieves series

Hello, there's less than a week to go until my new book Search for the Black Mirror comes out (book 2 in The Light Thieves series)

Before a book comes out, I do a lot of other writing - it's PR, but I enjoy it. Often it helps me work out my motivations behind whatever I'm working on at the time.

The piece below has just come out on both the Eason and Dubray blogs this week, and I thought I'd share it here. It's my reasons behind writing The Light Thieves series, they've changed a little since last year...

I have been telling myself, and anyone who asks, that I am writing The Light Thieves trilogy for my two girls, Jo and Bobbie. I’ve even dedicated the series to them.

But lately, I’m beginning to think I may have told a lie.

Unlike me and most adults I know, my girls don’t hold the weight of the world on their shoulders, just like Grian, Jeffrey and Shelli don’t at the beginning of this series. They love and laugh freely, they naturally trust life.

My girls don’t need The Light Thieves – I am writing it for me.

Five books in and I’m only starting to understand how my writing works – that most of it is subconscious. At the same time as I was writing my first series, A Place Called Perfect, I found a citrine crystal in a shop near Georges Street, Dublin – it’s a Sunstone, the lady said. I read a book on Quantum entanglement – not that I understood much, but what I did amazed me. I fell out of love with my smartphone, then back in love again, before falling out once more. I listened regularly to the gentle tones of Eckhart Tolle as I watched the world polarise at the same time as it burned. I lost my dad and gained two daughters. All of these things stayed in my mind, ready to influence my next story.

So when I eventually sat down to write The Light Thieves, it was already there and it flowed. The love for my daughters, a love more powerful than I ever imagined possible, seeped desperately into the pages. As a mother, I needed to work out a new world for them.

I know, and science has shown, that energy follows intent, and my intention with this story was to write into life a new earth where my girls would have a beautiful future. Seeing is believing, as they say.

And I am having brilliant fun doing it. Daily I’m playing with themes of power, greed, wealth, misinformation, technology, physics, nature, community, love and light as Grian, Jeffrey and Shelli go on the adventure of a lifetime.


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1 Comment

Siyona Paliwal
Siyona Paliwal
May 07

I've read the first book in The Light Theives series and I can't wait to read the next! Keep on writing, because I love to fall into these vivid worlds where anything beyond my expectations can happen, and in such a mysterious way! - Siyona 😄

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